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" I've used Real Pro Staffing several times and have always found the employees I need for my company. "

Jennifer Gomez

Amazon HR Director
" Personally This Hiring website is fantastic, simple and trustworthy. "
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Peter Kruse

Walmart HR Director
" They are constantly improving and adding search filters to help employers find qualified employees. "
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What is Real Pro Staffing?

Real Pro Staffing is an online hiring platform that makes job searching and the hiring process easier for both job seekers and businesses.

How is Real Pro Staffing superior to Indeed or Zip Recruiter? Provide Comparison:
  1. Both Indeed and ZipRecruiter do not Provide Job Posting targeting audience  tools that allow you to specify who you want to reach, such as Generation Z, Millennials, Gen X, etc..! But Real Pro Staffing Does
  2. Both Indeed and ZipRecruiter do not Provide 50 States on demand Temporary workers services! But Real Pro Staffing Does.
  3. Both Indeed and ZipRecruiter do not Provide a 30-day $-back Warranty! But Real Pro Staffing Does
  4.  Both Indeed and ZipRecruiter do not Provide 30-day Hiring trials! But Real Pro Staffing Does
  5. Both Indeed and ZipRecruiter have databases where you may look at resumes! However, Real Pro Staffing provides a better service by giving you a 50 States employees search engine “like Google Search ” where you may search, find, text, or invite job seekers to apply to your current job opening. 
  6. Both Indeed and ZipRecruiter provide more expensive plans, but deliver terrible hiring outcomes; However Real Pro Staffing helps you spend less and hire more talented workers who will contribute positively to your Company.
What type of guarantee do you offer to back up the claim that you are cheaper and can provide better sourced candidates?

Real Pro Staffing provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as a 30-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee! If you’re not satisfied with your Hiring Results during the first 30 days of your purchase, we’ll refund your money –No questions asked!

Is the plans cost per month or per year?

The Plans Cost is per Month

What type of demographics are available from your platform?

As of 2023 41% of Real Pro Staffing Job Seekers are Women and 59% are Men.


Do you have any other demographics regarding generations? Such as Gen z, Millennials, Gen X etc?

Yes We Do! Real Pro Staffing uses Audience targeting methods that let you define who you want to reach. To unlock this feature, Employers must write in Job Description the specific Demographic groups Age They Want to Hire. These include:
Demographic groups: Gen Z (18-26 Years old)
Demographic groups: Millennials (27-42 Years old)
Demographic groups: Gen X (43-58 Years old)
Demographic groups: Baby Boomer (59-77 Years old)

What type of skills are available from your platform?

Entry-level, Intermediate -level, Mid-level, Senior-level and Executive-level

What Are the Terms and Conditions?
How do I get started?

Watch Beginners Guide and Register as an employer.


Can I Pause or cancel anytime?

Yes, all of our plans are risk-free and can be canceled at any time. There are no sign-up or cancellation fees.


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